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Hello! My name is Ani. I am a student working on a degree in Software Engineering, but that did not stop me from wanting to share my knowledge and English skills with others. Some years ago, I was the founding president of my town's Rotary Interact chapter, and that gave me the opportunity to work with many exceptional individuals both in my area and around Europe. It also led me to spending a few months in the United States, where I got to improve my accent and learn how to be more relaxed while speaking to others in English. In my spare time I enjoy reading fantasy and sci-fi books, playing computer games (mostly MMORPGs), and going for bike rides. Another thing I enjoy very much is trying out different cuisines. So far, Mexican and Italian are my favorite. Join me in my classes if you would like me to help you with improving your communication skills in English, or if you just want to have a relaxed chat about books, games, TV shows or food.

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SchoolUniverzitet Metropolitan Beograd
HobbyReading books, watching movies & tv shows, playing games
Favorite MoviesLord of the Rings trilogy